Saturday, December 30, 2006

So busy...

...with creating a tabla rasa of my closet and bedroom, and planning a trip to DC for New Year's. Detailed discussion to follow. I just wanted to note that I too was part of a lunch, where one of the participants swore me to secrecy.

And post the first of a series of youtube videos of my HYPERACTIVE nephew. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Colbert... and Spitzer??

OK, so my blog is quickly becoming a poor man's videodog (literally - that's a pay site). Colbert vs. dude from Decembrists. Spitzer is a judge. I love this. Spitzer is the rare but immensely appealing (to me) combination of awesome and awkward.

(warning - this is a long video, ~10 min)

Holidays Faves

(pic by Perke)

Best Holidays paraphernalia?
The Festivus Pole of course, narrowly beats out the Hanukkah Bush

The best Christmas song?
Christmas in Hollis, Run DMC. Yeah, I totally stole the idea.


My man at Streetsblog has a posting "New York City is the new Baltimore".

My mind went to The Wire, and urban decay. He was referring to global warming. Still, there's only one thing to say in response....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

"The Blog Mob - Written by Fools to be Read by Imbiciles."

I just created this blog, and then read that article. So while Sausen and that asshole may agree, I'm siding with this guy.

Even so, I'm not nearly even at-the-curve enough to blog. What the hell is bebo? Number one on Google's Year End Zeitgeist?!? I'm so lame.

Alas, don't worry Sausen. Apparently blogging will peak in 2007. The link basically says that the geeks who'd want to blog already do, and many will get bored of it, as a few take it up to replace them.

Colin's latest project?

Hello World!

Screw it. Who the hell is everyone else to do this, and not me?