Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving

This is excellent - from the McSweeney's archies, a production rider for your thanksgiving tour home. A sample -


TALENT arrives alone. Upon arrival, do not ask where CREW is. Do not get clever by saying boyfriend/your friend/special friend instead of CREW. Consider VENUE forewarned that when TALENT feels VENUE can act appropriately around CREW, TALENT will bring CREW. So TALENT will be arriving alone.

TALENT will be bringing one (1) duffel bag full of laundry, and TALENT doesn't want to hear she's too old for this. TALENT will do laundry herself. Unless VENUE, you know, was already planning on doing some anyway, in which case it would probably be easier if VENUE just threw it in with whatever VENUE is doing. No big deal.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

nunchuck ping pong

The title says it all. This isn't that great, but I like it. It's just a Nokia ad in China, and it has a poor stand-in for Bruce Lee, but it is a minute of nunchuck ping pong.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

domino day 2008

The inner dork in me loves this - 4.3 million dominos falling, all filmed for television. A new world record (that link has another vid) that would make Rube Goldberg proud.

If you want yet another vid, with a cheesy Coldplay score, here you go - link

PS - I googled Rube to check the spelling, and found this (today, 11/17/2008) on -
2007 Calendar: $5.00 while they last!