Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meet me at the front

During my first visit to the gf's new school, I spent a couple of minutes waiting for her at the school's entrance on Hester St. I felt weird - hanging outside of a high school, after school, by yourself, just looking around, I felt that everyone was looking at me, wondering what I could possibly be doing there. Not that it was a big deal, but I was glad when she came down to bring me in.

Fast forward a week or so - The school makes the front page of the Post. The headline: After-School Sex Specials. There was a brothel operating nearby, that was targeting the school's students, operating out of the Robo-Pong Training Center, a ping pong hall.
The men would try to lure students to the Robo-Pong Training Center by distributing business cards outside the school, sources said. The cards were printed only with a contact number, an image of a topless woman - and a word, "Good."

It seems Time Out New York put a clip up of that very place on YouTube (that's my speculation). I'd never heard of robo-pong, but it is like a batting cage for ping pong, in that you have a machine aim balls at you to hit. Anyway, from Gothamist:
The NYPD ran a sting operation and undercover cops (from the 21 Jump Street division?) were told, "You can pick any of these girls for sex, and it will cost you $35." A police source told the Post, "It was obvious that they were targeting young students, because the prices were so low [$35-60]. Most brothels charge at least $100."

This is the kind of stuff that ruins the reputation of men who are waiting outside of high schools for their girlfriend-teachers. KS - I'll visit your school, but meet me at the front.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dragon Wars

The How The World Works post begins like this:
WARNING: Under no circumstances should the following post be interpreted as a positive review of the movie "Dragon Wars: D-War." By reading any further, you absolve How the World Works from all potential liability for psychic pain suffered, in this universe or any other, as a consequence of viewing "Dragon Wars."

I'm such a freak, I kind of want to see it.

He goes on to quote Dustin Pittman at The
"Dragon Wars" is destined to go down in history as one of cinema's most blunderingly, catastrophically bad big-budget films of the last few decades. Only worth seeing with a large group of friends and a bottle of hard liquor by your side, the movie bypasses the barest hints of behind-the-scenes sanity and enters a realm where the viewer legitimately wonders if what he or she is watching was made by homo sapiens."

Not likely though. I already got the gf to see another South Korean movie, The Host, with me (which was very good). I doubt I'll have luck on this one too, especially when I can't possibly lie about it maybe being good. 17%!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, Canada!

Has anyone realized that the Canadian Dollar is almost nearly the same value as the US Dollar? Above is a 6 month chart.

The Canadian Dollar buys you about 96 cents, way up from when I last pondered this, when it was 70 cents.