Sunday, November 25, 2007

Throwing Bush under the bus


Joseph Stiglitz buried Bush in Vanity Fair. It's stuff we all know, but it's a succinct, super-brutal rehashing of the ruin wrought by Bush over 7 years. I haven't been following political news closely of late, so maybe I had some Bushenfreude withdrawl.

(Speaking of which how dated does this article seem? "As an economic strategy, the tax cuts have plainly worked." Really? More than negative real interest rates of the time?)

Anyway, read on - The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fox Business Channel: "Oh, The Arabs. OK."

I'm home sick, so I get to blog a little. But I'll just post about this awesome flub by the Fox Business Channel.

Run with the story first, then change course as needed. Brilliant.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bear Stearns: Up In Smoke

"Bear Stearns announces stock spliff" - I wish I'd seen it while it was up on Bloomberg still. I guess something has to get you through the day when your stock is getting smoked. I kill me.

Title and screenshot taken from Minyanville. h/t to, who else, Dealbreaker.

Update: funnier because of a WSJ article today, that talks about the CEO smoking pot.
After a day of bridge at a Doubletree hotel in Memphis, in 2004, Mr. Cayne [CEO of Bear] invited a fellow player and a woman to smoke pot with him, according to someone who was there, and led the two to a lobby men's room where he intended to light up. The other player declined, says the person who was there, but the woman followed Mr. Cayne inside and shared a joint, to the amusement of a passerby.

Is this Murdoch's WSJ or what?