Saturday, October 13, 2007

R.I.P. My Alter Ego

It used to be, when you googled my name, the top hit would be a page on the Philadelpia Eagles site, doing a fan spotlight of someone with my name (even including the 'Jr.'). It was a tragic, but uplifting read. He talked about how he and his father had bonded over being fans of the Eagles, and how after his father's passing, he was able to continue being a fan.

That site is no longer up. It seems that it was taken down from Eagles site, and if you google me, it doesn't show up anymore. But, as many of you have seen, the picture from that site lives on, as my avatar in various places (like in Google Talk). I discovered that the site was down when someone asked me "What's that picture?" I was upset when I couldn't find it. It was like I lost an old friend. The article was a funny heartrending portrayal of a man - a man who wore funny hats with Eagle's wings on them.

Most of the details from that article escape me. I remember he mentioned his rough upbringing, and there was some story about how he taunted a Giants fan at some contest in a bar.

The only remnant of the intense Eagles fandom of my tocayo is a pic still on the Eagles site, shown above.

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Its me Rafael Zayas Jr.
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