Saturday, January 12, 2008


That's a chart of the Canadian vs. US Dollar. The US Dollar is again the stronger currency - a CAD would cost you $.98.

But I consider this terrible personal news. I am that guy. If you read this blog, you are getting nothing new, only regurgitated group-think. I'm like the Chris Matthews of casual financial banter. My blog is a contrarian indicator for any trend, and this saddens me. Basically, it's time to sell when I call something out.

In fairness to me, the top of the CAD-USD rally came a couple months after my blog post. Also, I wasn't also advocating putting all your money in Canadian investments. Also, I'm prepared to blame this one on my new colleagues at work, whose opinions I haven't yet learned to ignore while forming my own.

As a side note, one of the said colleagues was visiting Canada during the weekend of the CAD-USD peak in November. He doesn't like this chart either, because he's paranoid that the world's financial markets are out to get him.

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