Saturday, March 15, 2008

Attractiveness Scales

Thanks to Long or Short Capital, we can graph, first for man-to-woman relationships...

And woman-to-man...

What's great about these charts is that they allow for some good data plotting. For example, using {x,y} notation, and assuming each axis as displayed goes to a count of 10, one might have Ashley/Kristen at {8,0.5} for example. I believe this is part of my enlightened view of women, which is multi-dimensional (where "multi" is two).

Of course, the same applies to men, so Spitzer might be a {5,7}? (please note that the attractiveness axes are inverted between the 2 charts) Of course, women are more complex than men, so perhaps the w2m chart should be 3-dimensional, where the y-axis represents wealth, in which case Spitzer is a {5,7,9}, which of course, isn't so bad. Ladies let me know.

Of course, each of us has a utility curve, but given that, marriage becomes a simple problem of optimization - finding the person who gives you maximum utility, to whom you provide the same. Fuck eHarmony.

In the interest of compiling data, please feel free to add people and their coordinates in the comments. Also, realize this is now going to be part of my description of everyone, so familiarize yourself with these charts before I see you again.

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