Thursday, April 10, 2008

"The black son/child Obama - anything is possible!"

The Chinese Google, Baidu, had an image of Obama as it's Google-holiday-esque icon, casting a fishing net.

Pacific Epoch, via Shanghaiist (via, of course, HTWW)-
Following more general features including Hong Kong entertainers and snow storm survivors, Obama comes as Baidu's first foreign installment. In the drawing, a smiling Obama is joined by a dapper donkey as he throws a "net" over the Chinese portion of Baidu's logo.

Check out the page of you clicked on the logo (when it was there). You can click on some good videos there. His speeches work seem very modern alongside the Chinese characters and colorful logos. The title of this post is what it says in Chinese at the top. Another section of the page (translated by a commenter on the HTWW post) -
Two years ago, very few people in the world knew of this "Black kid" Obama. But today, this 47 year-old ethnic African, charismatic and bright, has become the most moving American presidential candidate.

In America's online world, Obama has remained an all-time hot topic. The video of Obama's speech in Philadelphia was the most popular video on the Internet.

In the age of the Internet, it does not matter if one is a common civilian, from a metropolis or from a rural area. As long as one is hardworking and tries to fulfill one's dreams, even an ordinary civilian (as Obama once was), can become a presidential candidate.

Communist propaganda or truth? Yes.

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