Thursday, June 11, 2009

McArdle re: von Brunn, and The Goldilocks Theory of Racial Intelligence

Obviously, the whole Holocaust Museum situation is horribly sad. I choose to deal with this sadness by quoting people making fun of the white supremacists.

Megan McArdle-
...what really struck me is that John de Nugent telling the Washington Post that "the responsible white separatist community condemns this." What, one wonders, characterizes the responsible white separatists? Are their swastika armbands all made from 100% biodegradeable materials? Do they take care that the leather in their jackboots comes from humanely raised cows? Do they carefully follow the Forest Service's wildfire prevention guidelines when burning crosses? Are their white separatist brownie points for attending school board meetings or chairing the Community Chest drive?

As one commenter pointed out-
But I confess I've always been highly amused by the thinking that goes into being anti-black and anti-Jew. They don't like blacks because of "inferior intelligence," and they don't like Jews because of...well...because of apparently superior intelligence, which permits Jews to control everything over the wishes of "whites."

So I guess they think "the white race" has managed to find the marvelous Goldilocks level of intelligence: just right. Not too smart, and not too dumb.

Of course, someone has to take all of this to task, for being simplistic/inaccurate. So, if you think ignorantly of other ignorant people, what does that make you? To which I say, come on. Who cares? Fuck those hate-filled bastards.


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