Sunday, July 1, 2007

Notes from a user

Here is my profile. I signed up for daily emails, so I could keep up with which books my friends read. But I was shocked at how much antipathy I felt towards people, whom I genuinely like, when I got the email pictured above. 342 new reviews?!?

If reviewing all the books you read in high school, to up your review count, while simultaneously hating your friends for doing the same, is hypocritical, well...

Seriously though, once we all finish reviewing all the books we've ever read, this will be excellent to keep up with what your friends are reading, and what they thought of the book. Also, if you look up a book, you can see how all your friends rated it, which is nice.

It felt good to link to a prior review in my goodreads profile. That was the first thing I ever wrote on the internet.

My previous experience as a book reviewer has clearly helped me as a goodreads reviewer, as you can see below. No, I didn't game this -

Avg Ranking by my friends (minimum 20 rankings):
me: 3.04 (Nice, average review is near the mean. Owning up to the bad reads in my past.)
Jake: 3.24
Katy: 3.39 (141 reviewed. She's pure evil)
Melissa: 3.49
David: 3.67 (We're getting into love-fest territory over here)
Cathleen: 3.77
Nina: 4.00 (Review Halldor Laxness. That will help you out here)
Julia: 4.00
Tara: 4.30 (!!!!!!!)

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