Saturday, July 28, 2007

Post-peak oil dentistry

Some lines of odd questioning, with odder, creepy answers can't go un-blogged, and they weren't thanks to How The World Works. But I'll steal his idea. This is from a blog devoted to the transition to a post-peak oil world. The (paraphrased) question:

How strong will the demand for dentists be in a post-peak oil world?

Dentist #1: Well, as I see it, we are in a society near the edges of collapse. I don’t actually think the governmental structures will be able to function in the long run, so spending five years on a dental course may not be in the individual’s best interest, unless a slow steady decline can be envisaged. It all depends on how bad things get.

There may well be a decrease in the availability of refined carbohydrates reducing rates of tooth decay, but conversely, food shortages will of course effect peoples immune systems and will likely increase the risk and rate of gum disease. Also as society trends downwards, people will look for ways to escape from an ever increasing sense of despair through distractions like alcohol and tobacco (a government that wants to cling to power will make sure these are available in my opinion).

I think this may become my first screenplay.

Seriously, I want to grow up to be half as good a blogger as Andrew Leonard.

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