Monday, January 22, 2007

Barack Obama is a Muslim?

I rarely interact with conservatives, so when I have an IM discussion like this, it's kind of jarring. AS is a co-worker.

AS: i need a level headed liberal opinion on barack obama
me: yeah, i like him, not in love with him
AS: my conservative friends wont vote for him because hes muslim
me: he's not muslim
me: he's a christian
AS: wasnt he born muslim
AS: or i think his father
AS: is
AS: he was brought up muslim
AS: and may have converted

Even considering that he apparently attended a Muslim school for 2 years while in Indonesia as a young child (see Note 7 of his Wikipedia page), attaching "Muslim" to him is low, and ignorant.

So why am I not in love with Obama? Until very recently (as in the recent co-sponsoring of the carbon capping bill with McCain) he hadn't done anything to really win me over, nor does he have a unique liberal slant that I really appreciate. That contrasts, for me, with Spitzer, whose commitment to prosecuting white-collar criminals while he was AG for NY seems both ethically good and counter-culture for a politician - even if it's no Hamsterdam (I'd quit my job and volunteer for a politician who would say they'd examine the idea of a Hamsterdam.

It would be easy to really, really like Obama though - I'm a sucker for an eloquent speaker. Also, it's nice to know that someone thinks I'm a "level headed liberal."

Oh, and like her "conservative friends" would have voted for him anyway.

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410E9th said...

So he is pretty centrist. Him and hilary are basically the same. His first book though showed potential.

I think once he starts talking though he can even convince your money grubbing nihilists, i mean daytraders, that he is the man.