Friday, January 26, 2007

Hooter's is Hiring Old Guys and Nerds?

The pic is from the Hooter's press release
I got this via all kinds of places (like here and here).

Well of course not, Gates is easily spottable, in the center, but also, please notice, that's Warren Buffett, top left. They were getting their Hooter's VIP cards, which entitle them to lifetime free Hooter's. I'm not imaginative enough to make this up. So, what are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett doing posing with Hooter's girls? We have this from the release:
The pair made a stop at the Hooters Restaurant along with members of the Board of Directors for Berkshire Hathaway. The visit came at the request of Buffet so the group could pose for a Christmas card photo with the chain's beautiful Hooters girls.

So basically this is what happened, as I understand (imagine) it. Warren Buffett is meeting with the Board of Directors for Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett decided that he wanted a Christmas card with Hooter's girls. So he calls up Bill Gates, who is, conveniently, also in Kansas City, and in the mood for wings. The Board, Buffett and Gates, meet at Hooter's, to be presented with VIP cards, and have their picture taken. For Buffett's Christmas card, of course.

Quoth Jason Fetters, General manager of the Kansas City Hooters:
Clearly these guys can go anywhere they want to. The fact that they picked Hooters hopefully says something about the strength of our brand.

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