Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Follow Up - Newsom in Rehab for... Adultery?

So Gavin Newsom is going to rehab. For adultery? Well, no. For alcoholism. Want a headline/link? What about this - "Critics angry, not shocked by Newsom disclosure."

Sound familiar? Hey, if it's good enough for Mark Foley, Mel Gibson, Kate Moss, Isiah Washington (gayhab), Patrick Kennedy, Tara Conner, Michael Richards... I'll stop now. Salon has a great wrap-up. At some point, doesn't this become really transparent?

From here:
"This isn't new. This has been going on since the days of Errol Flynn. It's an attempt to move from villain to victim," said Richard Levick, of Levick Strategic Communications, a Washington crisis-management firm.

Update: YouTube video of Gavin's "meltdown" when asked about alcohol here. SF Chronicle story here. Thanks again, unwitting Video Dog!

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