Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This Is Not My World

I know I'm a trader, but I'm a prop trader, for a small firm. This is not land I occupy. All kinds of pics at the link too.

BS#2: You haven’t seen murder on the dance floor until you’ve seen me on the dance floor. I’ve been break dancing since I was twelve—wait, no eleven—and I kill when I’m out there on that varnished piece of wood. KILL!
BS#1: He’s not blowing smoke up your ass. I know, I’ve seen his moves.
BS#2: You know how I sealed the deal in my Goldman interview? First, I was like, “Lloyd, I’m up to my ass in offers from other banks—Lehman and Merrill to name a few. But Lehman doesn’t have the same prestige and I don’t feel like having to explain myself every time I want to get pawsy with a client at Merrill." And second, I cleared all the chairs out of the way and I got down and I showed the man my moves. My moves, baby! MY MOVES!!! I don’t think I need to tell you, the man was impressed.

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