Sunday, March 11, 2007

"300" As...

...As Supporting the Bush Doctrine -

Western Civilization is on the verge of attack, and we must hold strong to our principles, and not let the effeminate, weakling Persians subdue us.

...As A Critique Of The Bush Doctrine -

The commander of the largest army in the world, tries to invade a foreign land, to subdue it. The idealistic, heroic, few stand strong against the tyranny, and gain the moral victory.

...As A Promotion For Animal Cruelty -

Pushing elephants off a cliff!?!

...As NRA Promotion -

The Persians are coming!! Isn't Molon labe Charlton Heston-esque?

...As Iranian Discrimination - Link

For sure we see a lot of political motivation and ignorace from Hollywood esp WB company in making movies like this. I wonder who is behind all these false made up movies which is mostly distorts the truth about Iranians. Iranian community are not really proud of their Islamic government, but they are one of the most nationalistic nation, who honors their past,esp pre-Islamic periods. We all accept the fact that Persian lost two wars to Greeks, we are completely cool with it, no problem, but the way Warner Bros shows Iranian in this very unhumanistic, savage, benladin looking and incompetent is outrageous. I ask all the Greeks or Greek-American how do you feel if they show
Your heros the same way they portray Iranians. Just imagine WB make another movie and Michal Jackson with even more fricky make ups and turkish language plays the role of Alexander? What do you really feel?

The next comment on that thread -
They had Colin Farrel play him it was almost as bad

...As Hot -

You'd think if you've seen enough movies, you've seen one where everyone is buff. Wrong.

...As The Male Cosmo Magazine-

I seriously thought I should kill myself for not being super buff. I'd never felt so flabby.

...As A Mirror -

No, seriously. I am brave in the face of near-certain death by cab driver everyday.

...As A Bit Of Joy -

Good to see McNulty.

...As A Violent Action Flick -

We all know how these work, right? Overacted cliches, but if you know this going in, maybe you can just say "Wow, it looks pretty fucking cool."

...As Memorable - Link
Go tell the Spartans that their sacrifice was not in vain; their long day's fight under the cooling shade of a million falling arrows safeguarded the West and guaranteed, all these years later, the right of idiots to make rotten movies about them.

...As Incitement To War - Link

If 300, the new battle epic based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, had been made in Germany in the mid-1930s, it would be studied today alongside The Eternal Jew as a textbook example of how race-baiting fantasy and nationalist myth can serve as an incitement to total war.

...As Commentary On The Post-9/11 World -


Update: Ahmadinejad took the bait. Was the graphic novel also a conspiracy between US "cultural authorities" and Frank Miller?

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