Thursday, March 8, 2007

Follow Up: From the Donald Rumsfeld Flickr Account

This post is following up on the update from here. Following is a quote from Rummy (Could this really be his account?):

I asked the Pentragon artisits to make me up some "mood boards" of what a possible skirmish might look like if we encountered enemy whilst deploying special forces from our proposed Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS - a combatant submersible developed for clandestine insertion and extraction of Special Operations Forces) and this is what they came up with. We are the good guys in Orange. The al-Qaeda terror network are the evil ones in black.

The evil ones in black! Good stuff. Is their underwater motorized propeller a sign that al-Qaeda has more evolved underwater technology? Or are we just vastly superior swimmers? This is very troubling. Also, I think the amorphous yellow blob on the left is a chemical weapon exploding, as it is distinctly different from the amorphous yellow blob on the right, which looks like an explosion. Have to upgrade this to VERY troubling.

This shows some interesting foresight on his part. Prepared for everything. I HIGHLY recommend poking around the account, some great pics. This might be good for several posts. Who the hell is Kiki D?

Update: Fine - so the subtlety wears off quickly on the Flickr stream, and I'm stupid for half-believing it was possible. Great for a while, then the stream degenerates into stupidity. Oh well. Of course, too good to be true. They should have kept it subtle, so the casual viewer (like myself) could buy into it for a while.

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