Sunday, March 11, 2007

Exclusive Matching Technology

These two screenshots are from emails from I get search results emailed to me daily.

In the first one, the top part is my search results. CareerBuilder has added on jobs that its "exclusive matching technology" believes are similar.

So it's matching technology thinks that "Part Time Cafeteria Clerk" and "Personal Trainer- Fitness" are similar to "Qt. Research Analyst-Alternative Investments" and "Account Executive - Fiancial Mkts - $150K+ Total Pkg."

In the second, smaller screenshot, you see a position is open for an "Analyst - Entry Level & Experienced." Talk about a tough job to get at an entry level! The listing is actually inquiring to fill analyst positions, ranging from entry level to experienced.

Job searching is much worse than online dating. MUCH worse. And I think online dating is really miserable.

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